The Reinvention of the Human Hand
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The Reinvention of the Human Hand

Written by Paul VermeerschPaul Vermeersch Author Alert
Category: Poetry - Canadian; Poetry
Format: Trade Paperback, 88 pages
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 978-0-7710-8743-1 (0-7710-8743-8)

Pub Date: March 16, 2010
Price: $18.99

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The Reinvention of the Human Hand
Written by Paul Vermeersch

Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780771087431
Our Price: $18.99
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About this Book

Paul Vermeersch’s new poems give a present-day voice to primitive song, and restore to us a dawn-time severity that cuts through modern evasions. They go beyond sophistication to reveal the passionate and suffering animal within. The Reinvention of the Human Hand is a poetry of the human body’s experience, of a primal being that struggles to assert itself, or perhaps just survive, in a world of metals, plastics, electronics. Here is the most far-reaching work yet by the acclaimed author of Burn, The Fat Kid, and Between the Walls. Vermeersch has always gone in search of understanding. Now his discoveries speak of a human world exhausted by its divorce from an animal past, terrified of retreating into early places it never truly left, astonished by the forgotten possibilities disclosed there.

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FINALIST 2010 - Trillium Book Award

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Review Quotes

"Vermeersch is one of Canada's best young poets. [His poems] explore the tension between the natural world and the artifice of our society, and the collision between the public sphere and the secret corners of our private lives."
Vancouver Province

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Table of Contents

The Painted Beasts of Lascaux
A Scorpion in Alcohol
Ode to Amoeba proteus
Bosch Landscape 2010
The Formation of the Pack
Altarpiece with False Teeth and Parkinson’s Disease
The Sadness Will Last Forever
Twenty-one Days with a Baboon Heart
Another Effect of Global Warming
Elegy for Paul Winchell
Boys Who Envy Werewolves
I Am Happy to Live in an Age of Plenty
Basic Instructions for Anaesthesia
Old Punk
Prayer to a Saint
In the Glorious Absence of Gods
Last of the Blondes
The Threatened Swan
Prosthetic Leg in Storage
A Photograph of the Human Retina
Sorrow for Frogsong
In Joseph Merrick’s London
The Marriage of the Nuclei
Love as an Argument in Theoretical Physics
A Glass Eye Finds Its Purpose
The Reinvention of the Human Hand
He Considers the Possibility that None of This Is Real
This Is Where Your Life Begins
Three Anthropomorphic Studies
Beautiful and Swift
The Demolition of Heaven
Cloud Formation like a Map of the World
Lost Things

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About this Author

Paul Vermeersch is the author of three previous collections of poetry and the editor of The I.V. Lounge Reader and The Al Purdy A-frame Anthology. His writing has appeared frequently in the Globe and Mail and been featured on CBC Radio. His poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies in Canada, the United States and Europe. He lives in Toronto, teaches at Sheridan College, and is the poetry editor for Insomniac Press.

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