How toJoin a Bookclub

Start a book club and make it an affair to remember!

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SUGGESTIONS: Join, Start or Run a Book Club

We've put together some great suggestions here for setting up a meeting, choosing books, and getting started. Click here for a list of bookstores and libraries that host and organize book clubs for individual consumer sign up.

DISCUSSION GROUPS: Get Tips for a Great Discussion

Whether you are you a first-time group leader looking for tips on what to talk about, or an established group looking for ways to liven up or structure your discussions, we've got ideas to help.

PLAN AHEAD: Plan Ahead and Choose Books

Planning ahead for future selections? Get a sneak peek at what's coming in paperback this year so you can keep up to date on new releases.

NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP: Sign Up For E-mail Newsletters

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A book club is a social event, and what's more social than a meal? We've got some tasty ideas for meals and snacks you can share with the members of your club. Guaranteed to make your mouth water -- click here for recipes!

SHARE YOUR IDEAS: Share Great Ideas with Other Book Clubbers

Read other book club members' suggestions, and post your own. From Anthony G.: "In our group, having a central question or theme that we can return to in the course of discussing each subsequent book has generated the most stimulating discussion."

Does your book club have a neat idea for running a successful meeting? Whether it be about the logistics of book clubs (location, best size of group, serving food and drink) or how you choose books, stir up discussion and get everyone involved, here is the place to share your ideas with others. Simply click here to send us an email.

Some of your Book Club Ideas
"My book club meets in a local bookstore for free and our members receive a discount there. We choose our titles several months in advance so that the local store is able to have the titles we need in stock. We support them, they support us!
-Kim T., Edmonton, Alberta

"Instead of having people to our homes for our monthly meetings, we meet at a restaurant that the person leading the meeting chooses. They choose a restaurant that has some connection with the book - whether it be the same nationality (ie - Memoirs of a Geisha was held in a Japanese restaurant) or some other connection with the book (Harry Potter's first book was held in a kids' arcade restaurant). For discussions, we find that no more than 12 people is important - enough to have a discussion if only half of the people show up and a perfect number if all show up."
-Denise A., Toronto, Ontario

"Our club is also including a discussion about kids' books. We are taking about 10 minutes at the beginning of our meeting to talk about books that our kids are reading and loving."
-T. Luel, Oakville, Ontario

"Our book club starts every meeting by going around the room and letting every member give a 30-second opinion on the book. This lets the group get a feeling for the reaction to the book before we start into the big discussion. Our best book clubs are when half of us loved the book and half of us hated it!"
-P. Barrington, Oakville, Ontario